Timeline engaged

Austin Bryant
1 min readMar 6, 2021


Today’s adventure began with setting up the Timeline feature in unity. It reminded me of the animator feature I learned from the 2D course. The Timeline tool was easy to use and learn because Jonathan was walking me through the steps with great examples and explanations of each feature used in this lesson.

The first logical step of the lesson was that I needed to anchor the time line to a game object that contained all the parts I needed for this cut scene. I created parent objects for the 2 CM cameras and set up the “brain” for the timeline.

The next step was to set up the cut from one camera into the other. During this lesson I learned about blending shots.

After the duration of shot was set up for each camera, I was instructed to add the animation from the cutscene onto the Timeline so the shots shown from the cameras lined up with the action taken from the Actor game objects of the cut scene.

Testing the look of the cutscene shown in game gave me a movie feel. The lesson went on to teach me how to add/remove game objects during a cut scene, how to pan the camera during the scene, and also how to add fade in/out for dramatic effect.

I had to pause the remainder of this cutscene lesson due to other obligations but am excited to tackle the rest of it and move on to the next cutscene for this 3D stealth game.