Project “The Great Fleece” Day 2: Lights, Skybox, Action!

Austin Bryant
2 min readJan 8, 2021

Having the holiday off, I decided to spend time away from learning and rest a bit. Now that it’s over I’m back on the Dev train.

This was a couple of days reviewing what I have learned and also move into learning more about 3D environments and how much work goes into creating beautiful looks for a video game.

This section specifically focused on lighting and Skyboxes. I have learned that entire weeks can go by with just this part alone, especially light probes which create illumination for your scenes.

A light probe generates lighting for a scene based on where you place your probes in an environment. When a dynamic objects passes through or near a probe the light will shine on them and if they have reflective properties can bounce off of the object in real time during the game. As a new Dev, I was fascinated with how effective this tool was with creating a real experience for the player.

a group of light probes

I am excited to practice this art of lighting up a new environment.

The tutorial also showed me how to create a skybox for the environment or background box to create a sense of space in the 3D game. Having to surround my 3D object room with New York City really gave it a nice familiar feel to where this room is at.

My Scene after building and adding the NY Skybox

So now I am done for today. I am excited to continue learning and growing in the Game Dev field. I cannot wait to start coding for this game!