Day 8 update bug of doom

This morning was not nice to me. I started my PC as normal to jump into unity. When starting the program I got an update notification and had to update before beginning my game. Normal acts for a program right?

The update downloads and the program starts. I receive a notification form unity that I had 3 choices 1. Import my settings, 2. Restore to default, and 3. Close. I chose 1., and it did not open and gave me an error and shut down the program. I then opened unity back up and the same notification popped up. So I tried 2. This time. Unity then takes a minute and opens up. At first everything seemed normal. I then test my program to see if everything is ok.

I should note here that in our team meeting yesterday it was brought up then to create a backup of the state my game. I did not. I paid a price for this action.

As the program ran every then seemed normal. Then I find that some of my animations were no longer working and my Triple shot lasers were invisible but still were doing what they should have.

“Crap” I thought and of course hindsight comes to mind. I don’t spend to much time in this state since I have work to do.

I spend a good portion of my day getting the program back to were it was at prior to the update. As a former PC technician I have told numerous amount of people the importance of having a back up placed in a separate flash drive. I am thankful that it was minor in nature and now will be creating a backup every end of day.

After this restoration we had a group presentation of 3D modeling and animation in unity. I learned a lot and thanks to Al, I now know that unity is easy to use when creating animations and it’s complexity of what exactly an animator needs to go through to create a spectacular looking game.

This afternoon I spent the rest of day finishing up the visual section of my project and was able to create the logic for the starting asteroid and my damage fires that appear every time the player gets hurt.

Even with the setback this morning I am still feeling great about where I am and what I am learning. I am excited for the next day of learning and finishing up the learning part of the certification and go into the test phases!

C# Unity Developer in training.