Day 6 was a short day…

Today didn’t get much done due to outside distractions. I did however manage to get my final power up done, the shield power up, and also had the visual effect of a shield around my ship done.

I also got my first UI set up done which is the score board. I found it interesting and difficult to wrap my head around moving the output around 3 different classes. Before moving on from this step I needed to be able to fully understand this complex step so I can teach it to another and implement the technique in different ways in the future.

I then finally managed to imagine this imaginary ball that I labeled “score board” in my head. I then imagined the classes where people with paint who spoke different languages. So it was my job to get these “people” to do an action with this ball that would change the label written on the ball.

When I imagined writing the code this way, it was way easier for me to understand what exactly the code was doing.

Don’t get me wrong Jonathan does a wonderful job explaining what, when, where, and why code is the way it is. He is a remarkable teacher and mentor. For me, this is always the way I have been able to learn new concepts that I cannot physically see.

Hopefully my next day of learning will be a more productive one.



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