Day 4 enemies enemies enemies

So today I though to myself how much I really wanted to get going into learning as much as I could, have it stick, and apply what I learned. I have to say I am really satisfied how I worked today.

Last time I was on my game project I had finished making an enemy appear and get him going. While I worked at cleaning up my code my visuals to me made it look like not much progress was happening. I got going on really making the lessons stick and why the logic is the way it is by creating an imaginary ball in my head and envisioning how I am manipulating it with the code then send it out back to output. My previous college professor taught me that trick.

I picked up the today’s lessons faster than my previous days. I got through 1 1/2 segments and now my project is starting to look like an actual game.

I got collision down fast and got multiple enemies to spawn and stop spawning. Also my protagonist has a life counter and still able to shoot lasers out of the ship.

Today I also learned how to setup in 3D then render to 2D and change some code to work collisions in both environments.

Now off to clean up my pseudo code and onto the next part.



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