Day 23/ Start Next Project : Final walkthrough

Austin Bryant
2 min readDec 29, 2020

This morning we had, what was hopefully not, our final meetup in the GameDev program.

We discussed the possibilities and measures to ensure we all keep in touch and move forward into our paths.

After the meetup, I had to complete one last task for my 2D project for it to fulfill the Phase2 requirements.

So to start, I went back into my smart bomb code and did some troubleshooting. I discovered that my SmartBomb could only find type 1 enemies and was not able to locate other enemies on screen.

After some thought and some rewriting and testing I found that the best solution to my problem was to simply create 2 more variables for my SmartBomb. Each of those variables detected the other types of enemies and still was able to let the smart bomb figure out which enemy was closest and pursue it.

After some testing with multiple enemies spawning on screen the smart bomb did the job I assigned to it and worked as I had planned.

I then gave my program some tests to ensure functionality. Everything did what it was suppose to and so I can move on to my next project, after I saved the program as is and created a backup for it. I still need to learn GIT and let my work be visible on the web but that part is an entire study project on its own and will be saved for another day.

So with that time to start my next project a Stealth Game/ Cinematography course.

The remaining time I have today will be just to download all materials needed for the course as well as create a new blank project to create this game in. Next entry will be diving into the course work and see what awesome new things I can learn from it.