Day 22 One last task

Austin Bryant
1 min readDec 27, 2020

So this day was divided up throughout the weekend due to Christmas.

I finally got my Boss game object done and it’s weapons fully functional. After some effort and some code rewriting, I have the boss spawning in after all the enemies spawn in the final wave of the game.

It’s behaviors and abilities all work ideally and the power ups spawn during the fight to ensure that the player has a chance of success during the fight.

The last task that needs to be done before I can submit my project is to rework the “SmartBomb” for the player.

During gameplay the bomb does not operate the way I need it. It follows enemies and turns in the correct direction but for some reason, it will not detect an Enemy once it is Instantiated in game. During testing it will find a basic enemy with ease but it will not detect the stronger enemies or the boss. I will just need to get back into the code and find the error and fix this.