Day 21 Light at the end of the tunnel

Austin Bryant
2 min readDec 24, 2020

My 2D project is almost done!

Today’s work mostly involved getting my boss ready to take on the player. So I first tried to smooth out the transition from the start move script to the primary movement script. I cut the glitch by a fraction of a second. I was satisfied enough with it that I moved on to the next step, firepower.

This step required me to create a unique ability for the boss. Since I already had a hear seeking missile for one of my enemies I decided to create an energy ball object that shot randomly at different angles. To make this enemy feel like a boss, I added a laser fire ability to the boss that constantly shoots at 2 second intervals.

The energy ball ability was simple in nature. All I had to do was create the object and give it a rigid body and collider. Then have it move randomly in a direction when it’s instantiated in game. I gave it a constant downward motion coupled with a random X-axis direction to give it an angle shot look within a cone range. After testing it and seeing it work, all that was left was to add the boss to the wave and have it called at the end of the level.

This was not as easy as I thought it would be. Once added, I tried adjusting the spawn manager with different bools to enable and disable the enemy spawn and powerup spawn. This did not work as planned. It broke my wave controller and now I am stuck trying to figure out where I broke my code and then trying to figure out how to fix it so this whole idea works.

This task will have to wait till tomorrow morning. I am confident that I’ll be done before end of day and can turn in this project to be judged and hopefully move on to my next project.

I almost forgot, I also gave the Boss an X amount of hit points and the different abilities of the player can damage the boss from slightly damaging to heavily damaging, depending on what ability the hits the boss with.