Today was a great day for getting into using my critical thinking and my previous skills as an IT Technician from previous employment. I was stuck on a technical problem with no easy solution in sight.

I was working with my videos and PC to understand and build my script for a game project I am currently working on. I was going step by step and making sure I spelled out every line of syntax correctly. After finishing what I thought was good code, I checked my program for bugs. On my Visual Studio side everything seemed fine and no errors. I then let Unity build my script and try to run it.

I was hit with errors that stated that the script could not understand my syntax and my build was wrong. I quickly went back to double check my work with what I was suppose to write. Everything seemed as it should have and I tried again. Then I ran it in Unity one more time and errors happened.

I was stuck and panicked and went to my Slack channel for assistance. I received some advice but it did not help my particular situation. I then thought about how I used to slice these problems back in my technician days and it hit me, Google it. Whenever I have been stuck before my A+ training taught me that someone else has more than likely been in my situation before and the answer I was seeking is on a thread somewhere in the vast space of the internet.

I quickly typed out my problem and using key words in the search engine was able to obtain the answer. I went through the steps on how to fix my problem and finally I found my error. My Visual Studios was not seeing my syntax as an Unity based program. So I linked my VS with unity the correct way and bam instantly saw my syntax with new little notes telling me all was correct. I rebuilt it one more time and the script ran without errors and my program ran smoothly.

I was advised to spend sometime linking the webpage to my Slack account so others with the same problem can find the solution easier and ran through the rest of my day with ease. I am so excited to see what challenges and solutions I am going to find in the days ahead.

C# Unity Developer in training.