Today I managed to create a wave system for my enemies.

waves begin!

This was a little complex in thought. I first created the logic for waves.

Step 1. determine how many enemies spawn in each wave. If the enemies spawned out number the amount of enemies spawned allowed, stop spawning enemies.

Step 2. Create a loop method that displays what enemy wave the player is on.

Step 3. After a brief time of display, start a new wave. Then stop the display.

Step 4. Increase the number of enemies allowed to spawn for the next wave.

I got all of this accomplished today. I found some flaws in my code once I started to write it out in the script.

One major flaw is that when the enemies reach the spawn limit. There is no way, currently, to tell the script “Hey! Enemies from the previous wave are alive, do not start the next wave sequence yet.”

I will go back through the code and also research how I can tell the script this and where, in code, I need to tell the script this.

I will try to correct this problem before end of day tomorrow and start on the next segment.

C# Unity Developer in training.