Day 1 of My GameDev Journey

Today I started my journey into Game Development and Software Engineering. Toughest part of today was getting up early in the morning. I got up with the roosters and poured myself some coffee and got to work.

I hopped on Slack and met with teammates to discuss today’s journey. Marietta was very friendly and helpful about what we needed to do today. After the standup I went to work.

I had a good amount of time downloading Unity and Visual Studios. After I spent a good amount of time on videos. I was zoned in on getting through the content and created my very first C# script.

I also created my space environment and my little spaceship but I needed more time thinking about how I want this first game to look. So I spent time researching on what looks to create and how I was going to execute this.

I did spend a little too much time with research and forgot the meetup at 2PM. I did get in contact with my team lead and she was kind enough to take time and help me. I will be spending more time tonight trying to get ahead of my previous goal and by this time tomorrow will have a running game to show off in my blog.

C# Unity Developer in training.