Today’s adventure began with setting up the Timeline feature in unity. It reminded me of the animator feature I learned from the 2D course. …

So after a two month hiatus, I am finally getting back into making this stealth game. Today, I picked up where I left off, 3D environment basics.

The first lesson of the day was to learn how to create reflections of objects in game. There are two ways to do…

Having the holiday off, I decided to spend time away from learning and rest a bit. Now that it’s over I’m back on the Dev train.

This was a couple of days reviewing what I have learned and also move into learning more about 3D environments and how much work…

Like Yesterday, today was mostly just getting things set up to start the Stealth Game/Cinematography Course. I did not have much time to get through the course work. I did have a tough time with my PC getting all the assets downloaded.

Start of Learning 3D environments

I got through of at least the first segment which is setup and finding out what the collab tool for Unity is. I got the comment done which took some time due to uploading and download speed.

I also was able to learn a little about the visual manipulation aspect of Unity which was pretty cool. Hopefully tomorrow will be a lot more productive.

This morning we had, what was hopefully not, our final meetup in the GameDev program.

We discussed the possibilities and measures to ensure we all keep in touch and move forward into our paths.

After the meetup, I had to complete one last task for my 2D project for it…

So this day was divided up throughout the weekend due to Christmas.

I finally got my Boss game object done and it’s weapons fully functional. After some effort and some code rewriting, I have the boss spawning in after all the enemies spawn in the final wave of the game.

My 2D project is almost done!

Today’s work mostly involved getting my boss ready to take on the player. So I first tried to smooth out the transition from the start move script to the primary movement script. I cut the glitch by a fraction of a second. …

This morning was a little rough. I thought I had everything to go except my SmartBomb segment for my game set so I start the boss for my game.

After a ScreenShare this morning, I realized my code was not working the way I had left it yesterday. …

I did not meet my own expectations on today’s agenda. I did come close however.

I managed to get everything but the last 2 segments complete today before I had to wrap up today’s work.

The first thing on my list today was to create a behavior for the enemy…

Today, I got a couple of more segments completed. First thing on my list was to create an aggressive behavior for my enemies.

I managed to do this with find object with tag attached to type2 enemies. Also learned Vector3.Distance, to let the enemy know how many units that the…

Austin Bryant

C# Unity Developer in training.

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